I’ve posted several updates to the blog below – please read them at your leisure.  I’ve also been posting a lot of stuff on my tumblr page, which you can check out for more pictures and updates.


Today I arrived in Puerto Madryn, after a 20 hour bus ride from Buenos Aires.  Tonight I’m staying a hostel before traveling to a wildlife reserve with elephant seals, sea lions, penguins and if we’re lucky, killer whales.  Hopefully, I’ll be heading south in the next few days to Ushuaia and up from there to Chile.  In Ushuaia, the pictures of mountains will begin.  Until then, I just have pictures of cities.


1 thought on “Update

  1. Dan! I was headed to post on your Facebook that we are coming to DC next weekend to stay with TJ’s close friend, hoping you would be available. But it looks like you are up to far more exciting things! I enjoyed your blog posts, and I hope you plan to see Peru and its ruins… we loved our trip there.

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